Aske Plaat


Professor & Scientific Director
Department of Computer Science (LIACS)
Leiden University, Snellius 167
Niels Bohrweg 1, 2333 CA Leiden, The Netherlands

Tenure Track, Assistant Professor, Postdoc and PhD positions
We are hiring. Would you like to do groundbreaking computer science research in a science-friendly top European University? LIACS has job openings for a Tenure Track, 3 Postdocs, and PhD students. Please click on the links.

Leiden is a lively student city with a historic yet cosmopolitan atmosphere, at a 20 minute train journey from Amsterdam International Airport. The university is the oldest of the Netherlands, founded in 1575 by William of Orange. We are well known for  science, the humanities, and medical research. The university has a very open atmosphere.  Computer Science is in the Faculty of Science (where Einstein taught at the start of the previous century).

LIACS, the department of computer science, is very strong in data science, fundamental computer science, and artificial intelligence, and has strong ties with local and international researchers, and with industry. Staff members are involved in a high number of externally funded projects, including prestigious ERC and  NWO Gravitation grants. Our university motto is: Praesidium Libertatis (Bastion of Freedom). If LIACS had a motto it would be: Top science is Fun! Interested in working with us? Come talk to us!

I am professor and scientific director of the department of computer science (LIACS). I work in machine intelligence and reinforcement learning. Scalable combinatorial reasoning and games are my main fields. Here are my Research and Publications pages. I studied artificial intelligence under the guidance of Jonathan Schaeffer at the University of Alberta, Edmonton and Arie de Bruin at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam where I obtained my PhD in 1996. I worked as postdoc with Charles Leiserson in his supercomputing technologies group at the MIT Lab for Computer Science, Cambridge, Massachusetts, on the Cilk parallel computing system (now Intel CilkPlus). Later I worked with Henri Bal in his distributed systems group at VU Amsterdam on scalable algorithms. In 2009 I was employed as professor at Tilburg University. In 2014 I joined Leiden University; in 2016 I was appointed scientific director of LIACS, the Institute of Computer Science. Longer Bio.

Snellius 167

Please check with Marloes van der Nat, 071-527.7061



Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think – Niels Bohr

Dans les champs de l’observation le hasard ne favorise que les esprits prepares – Louis Pasteur
(often rendered as: Chance favors the prepared mind)

Try – Fail – Try again – Fail better