Behavior Mining at Casino Data Startup (intern)


Behavior Mining at Casino Data Startup


– Business Generalists: Here, I’m imagining Business Administration /
IT Management students (grad and/or undergrad) who wish to experience
first-hand life in a highly disruptive Data Science start-up.
Functionally, the work will be focused predominantly on the core data
model–assisting in the functional design, implementation, testing and
tweaking of the categorization ontology as well as indexation /
taxonomy logic.  For any data-driven company, this is paramount.
Additionally, interns would have primary-level exposure to the
start-up experience–market research, financing, the design and
implementation of lean development processes, client/investor
solicitation, etc.

– Statisticians: The objective here is quite obvious.  Ours is the
first Big Data model for the casino industry and it’s a great
opportunity for budding statisticians and data scientists to play
pioneering roles in the development of a new generation of analytical
models for a large, vibrant and historically guarded / insular
industry.  It will also present interesting opportunities to see how
these models guide decisions and render critical industrial
efficiencies, both buy-side and sell-side.

– Computer Scientists: Here, data collection and automated taxonomy
will be the emphasis.  In an industry effectively devoid of data
standardization, we face very significant technical challenges apropos
of collecting data, organizing them and—-in the process-—bringing
order to informational chaos.  Areas of particular emphasis include
asset (predominantly firmware) interrogation, dark data collection /
analysis, data set anonymization, automated taxonomy / indexation and
database optimization (column stores, MapReduce modeling, etc.) Here,
again, we’re interested in both graduate and undergraduate interns,
especially those possessing experience / proficiency in Ruby, Ruby on
Rails, Pentaho (data integration and visualization,) Hadoop clustering
and stored procedure / shell script programming.

Startup in Data Analystics in Casino Data

Student Profile
CS student with affinity with Data Mining

Time frame
October 2014

Scientific Challenge
– Business

– Statistics

– Computer Science

Aske Plaat
Arno Knobbe
Casino Data Startup (intern)

information: aske.plaat at

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