Collective Intelligence Concept Search

Collective Intelligence Concept Search
Search Engine Development
Concept searching is rendered complex by the fuzzy nature of a concept, the many possible implementations of a same concept, and the many more ways that the many implementations can be expressed in natural language.
The world’s patent offices, including the European Patent Office (EPO), have developed classification schemes to pigeonhole documents in science and technology according to concept. The work has been performed uniquely by human patent professionals; the classification schemes developed for paper libraries.
You will join a project team approaching concept search via a citizen science led effort in ‘virtual library’ fuzzy classification. A fuzzy classification scheme in the field of traffic cones is in preparation using CmapTools mind mapping software to represent aspects of similar entities in a fuzzy manner.
The task is to design and implement a search experiment consisting of (1) an engine using the XML-exported version of mind maps and a database of classified literature; (2) a pilot experiment of the completed system is foreseen with around 30-50 students from Leiden (Leidsche Flesch?) and similar numbers from TU Delft. The results will be compared with
those obtained with existing systems at the EPO. 

You will receive guidance from a patent expert and members of the project team.
More details of the project are available at:


Aske Plaat (LIACS)
Jeroen van der Leije (LIACS)
Richard Absalom (EPO)
Dap Hartmann (TUD)


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