Data Mining for Global Development


Data Mining for Global Development

United Nations Global Pulse is exploring innovative methods and frameworks for combining new types of digital data with traditional indicators, to track global development in real-time. The topic is to work on a specific Global Pulse project, for which you will develop an innovative (data mining) response to a given challenge in the field of, but not limited to, health, crisis response, education, transport, Climate Change, inequality or urban dynamics. You will have access to large datasets from major organizations (Twitter, Facebook, telecom companies, World Bank, United Nations, credit card providers, etc.). You will work with a team of first class data mining and policy experts from the Global Pulse team in New York.

See also

United Nations Global Pulse (The Hague or New York)

Student Profile
Computer Science or ICT & Business student with affinity with Data Mining / data analytics and interest in global challenges.

Time Frame
ca. October 2014

Scientific Challenge
Develop new methodologies and adequate architectures for real-time analysis of societal change in the field of global issues,

Aske Plaat


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