Game Playing Programs

Games Playing Programs

Ever since its inception some 60 years ago, the field of Artificial Intelligence has a tradition of using games to study phenomena such as reasoning, strategy, intelligence, and emotion. LIACS has a relatively strong and active group of Artificial Intelligence researchers with an interest in combinatorial games. If you have an interest in gaming, be it board games such as Chess, Checkers, or Go, card games such as Bridge or Poker, or video games, or other games, then please contact us. There are many interesting issues in games research that we can talk about, as well as researchers to act as enthusiastic advisors.


LIACS intern

Student Profile

Time frame

Scientific Challenge
Combinatorics, Search, Machine learning of game playing concepts

Walter Kosters
Hendrik Jan Hoogeboom
Jan van Rijn
Jonathan Vis
Aske Plaat
Jaap van den Herik

Information: aske.plaat at

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