Intelligent Data Analysis


Intelligent Data Analysis

The Center for Applied Gaming (Montpellier Ventures) Amsterdam designs
and runs behavior-based games. These are games aimed at changing the
behavior of players, for health, corporate, and education. In order to
improve the effectiveness of these games, increasingly data about the
usage of theses games will be collected.
The task for the student is to help analyse behavioral data for
the benefit of improving the gaming experiennce, and for the benefit
of designing behavioral interventions that work (eat less fat, exercise
more, and educational interventions that work).
Knowledge of data mining is required, Affinity with games is
required, Familiarity with data modeling is required, as well as
business sense.

Center for Applied Gaming Amsterdam

Student Profile
CS or ICT in Business
Affinity with Gaming is a plus

Time frame
Sept 2014

Scientific Challenge
Design Intelligent analysis algorithms for behavioral interventions in
a behavioral gaming environment.
In a interactive dialogue with games designers and data
analysts, and health specialists.

Aske Plaat


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