Semantic Search & Classification Intuitive Visual Navigation Space


Semantic Search & Classification Intuitive Visual Navigation Space

Concept Search and Classification in high-dimensional spaces by creating a user friendly navigation tool.
Devise a way to classify disparate objects:
Traffic Cones and ice cream cones share common aspects, but are also different in certain aspects. The human mind is able to classify diverse objects in a logically consistent way. Existing classification systems for libraries and patents are rigid, binary, and inflexible.
For your thesis research you will explore the creation of flexible classification schemes, in order to classify real world objects according to different dimensions. You will possibly test your design in a crowd-sourcing project. For this you will create user-friendly classification tool or app, to be used in a real world crowd sourcing classification experiment. The domain may be of your own choice, or you can choose to work with patents. This will depend on the progress with the flexible design/app.

Internal LIACS/European Patent Office

Student Profile
CS or technical ICT in Business

Time frame
Sept 2014

Scientific Challenge
Concept search and classification is a serious scientific field

Aske Plaat
Siegfried Nijssen
Jeroen van der Leije


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