Using Mobile Phone Activity and Social Media Data for Investigating Drug-Related Violence

In cooperation with the Peace Informatics lab of Leiden University in The Hague, a position to research

Using Mobile Phone Activity and Social Media Data for Investigating Drug-Related Violence

is available.

During this research you will combine different data sources provided by different actors:

  • Official statistics [Mexican Government]
    The Mexican government will provide access to official statistics regarding incidents of drug- related violence, as well as data regarding policy interventions aimed at reducing drug-related violence. The data will pertain to both 2010 – 2011.
  • Call detail records [Telefonica]
    Telefonica will provide access to call detail records for the period of 2010 – 2011. Telefonica has a market share of approximately 15% of the Mexican population. This data will be used for indicating both movement patterns, as well as communication behaviour of local populations.
  • Social media data [Twitter]
    Through accessing the firehose of Twitter (facilitated through UN Global Pulse), we will gain insight on how people communicate online in relation to incidents of drug-related violence. In this we focus in particular on how people communicate across certain networks and disseminate certain messages (on the basis of word- and hashtag-frequency). In particular, we will focus on how messages of key policy actors disseminate across Twitter.Methodology: across disciplines

    Within this transdisciplinary project, we will combine both methodologies from advanced data analytics with social scientific approaches. The latter will be used to provide focus as well as both contextual and thematic interpretation to the results emerging from the data analysis.

    Please contact Thomas Baar for more information

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